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This is an Amharic translation of the XML Frequently Asked Question (XML FAQ) by Peter Flynn. It consists of questions and possible answers. The FAQ is split into five sections: introduction, general, users, authors, and developers.

For those who are not familiar with Amharic, it is the official language of Ethiopia and its writing system is Ethiopic.

This translation tries to capture the essence of the English version. There are, however, a number of changes from the original; for instance, some new examples are added while some are replaced. Dead hyperlinks are left out while new ones are included.

To support various interests, the FAQ is presented in different formats including HTML, PDF, and PostScript. If you are using the HTML format, then you need an Ethiopic Unicode font which you can download from http://www.senamirmir.org. If you have any problem installing and using the Ethiopic Unicode font, please write to smirmir@senamirmir.org.

This translator would like to thank Peter Flynn and others for the relentless hard work on the XML FAQ. Should there be any error on the translation version, it is the responsibility of this translator. If you have addition, corrections, or criticism, please write to smirmir@senamirmir.org.

The Amharic XML FAQ

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